Rainbourne Associates  has always believed that clients should be clear on what they are paying for, how much they are paying and their payment options.  The fee will be dependent upon the amount and complexity of the work that you require us to do for you and will be discussed and agreed at outset.   There are a number of options available to you and we will have this discussion with you at our initial meeting, which is at our expense, as to how you would like to pay for our services, either directly or facilitated by the investment .  Once we have agreed the level of work and cost for this to be undertaken, we will issue a Statement of Engagement which will clearly lay out the services we will provide for you and detail the cost so that everything is transparent and you have a good understanding of what we will do for you.      

Free Consultation

You can have a free initial consultation. There's no fee, no catch and no obligation on your part. 


 Good positive advice presented in an easy to understand style.   Mr R.K. Hapisburgh, Norfolk.